Why dye sublimation perfect work on polyester?

Hey guys, there are some really specific reasons why we've chosen to work with polyester materials for our clothing over everything else- other than being able to create vivid designs without up-charging for every color. Let's delve into the reasons and the science behind them.
Sublimation is a scientific process in which the dyes are digitally printed as a solid onto transfer paper, and then has heat applied to it. This heating process turns the dye into a gas and when it hits the material it is intended to be printed on,  absorbs and immediately turns back into a solid within the garment.
When it comes to picking a fabric for dye sublimation printing, polyester is the best choice. No other fabric, including cotton, silk or nylon is suitable for this type of printing. 
  • Moisture-wicking & Flame retardant: 
Due to being made by plastic, polyester is not as porous as cotton, which means it is not going to absorb as much moisture. Cotton can absorb up to 7% of its weight in water while polyester is only .4%. This is ideal for lifestyle shirts as it allows for high activity without the un-comfortableness if sitting, running, hiking in your own sweat, rain or other outdoor elements.

  • Rich colors
Polyester ensures rich printed colors. As sublimation dye is converted to gas during heating, the fabric's tone blend into each other. The final product looks absolutely stunning.
Fabrics such as cotton, nylon, etc. cannot hold the ink during the heating process.  Polyester is the only material that can enable the bonding of the ink and ensure beautiful, long lasting colors. This is why national flags, banners and graphic t-shirts are made of polyester.
  • Better feeling 
However, we chose dye sublimation for aesthetic and comfort purposes:
Polyester can be treated for a softer weight and can also be blended with natural fibers to create different weights and feels or textures to meet what you like to feel during activities. Polyester fibers are also more resilient than natural, allowing them to stretch and maintain their shape better.
Dye sublimation prints into the material, rather than onto the material. When your graphics are printed this way, you don't feel the graphics on your shirt- it’s just more shirt!  
It's a good idea to use a 100 percent polyester fabric to achieve the best result. But, you can even work with at least 60 percent polyester fabric. if you have any other problems about sublimation, welcome to consult us. 
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