Whether Ultra thin sublimation paper can affect print performance?

Nanjing Fei Yue Paper seeks the perfect balance of weight and technical performance.
The global market for printed textiles amounts to approximately 24 billion meters per year, growing every year. We estimate that approximately 225 million of the total printed meters are currently printed digitally – a number that also continues to grow.

When we reduce the weight of paper, we reduce costs, lower CO2, less labor and the general impact on the environment – but we do not compromise the quality of the print.

The development of sublimation transfer paper
The use of transfer paper in the textile industry is not new. Back in the early 70s, the company Stork developed a calandar for heat transfer printing on synthetic textiles. At that time, the dispersion ink took form of a paste, mostly mixed with solvents. This paste was used for textile printing by rotary or screen printing using paper as the carrier. Only the dispersion particles stayed on the paper, the solvent vaporized. The technical paper requirements were not so high and the weight of the paper was as low as 20 or 30 gr/m2. Many users prefer to choose light weight sublimation paper even uncoated transfer paper for their business, and today we also do a sample test about this ultra-light sublimation transfer paper---20gsm.

We use our Epson F6280 printer for its testing, but actually this kind sublimation paper not suits for Epson, it's too thin, usually for super fast sublimation printer, such as MS-JP, Reggiani etc. Anyway, we just have this printer for it. we stick it on our paper to support it.

More or less like today the printing on textile took place in a calandar or a flatpress in which a temperature of 160 – 220 degrees Celsius made the ink sublimate – during the sublimation process, the ink went from a solid phase into a vapor phase without becoming liquid at any time. 
As we can see, even though the pattern on sublimation paper is not good, but it has high transfer rate on fabric.
Therefore, if you want to save cost and also pursue high performance, maybe this kind ultra-light sub-paper can be your better choice. Do you want to try? Contact us.
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