When Print Head Clog, Why & How To Solve It?

The print head is not easy clogging, the reason & the way to solve the print head clog problems:
Epson surecolor F6070
1. Several days if the printer not use, the printer is easy to get dry. Also ink is very sensitive about the environment. Please check the wiper and ink stack.
1) First, please clean the wiper and ink stack. Sometimes the wiper is dirty, the ink stack have dirty things will pollution the printer head. Then printing will break line you can use the cleaning liquid clean the wiper and ink stack at first, after cleaning put some cleaning liquid in the ink stack then soak the printer head one day. let the printer wet. After this please print test draw, check whether it is ok, if still have problems, please deep cleaning the printer. 
PRINT HEAD cleaning
2) Please check the ink stack see whether the ink stack is blocked by the dirty things. If dirty the ink can not out, check whether ink stack is leak. If the printer head &ink stack not fixed well, the ink stack leak, then the power is not enough, the ink can not out. We have clients say our sublimation ink is clogging after check the ink stack the ink stack is leak after replace new one, printing is no problems the wiper and ink stack need replace regularly, below are the images.
comparison original ink and compatible ink for print heads
2. The print head is not easy clogging also because sublimation ink particles is very small, also the printer head have damper, the damper have Filtration function, if the particles is large, will not pass the damper the ink through the damper particles is very small, will not clogging the printer head. 
The damper also need clean regularly if long time printing, the damper will also dirty, then the ink can not pass the damper, the printer head not have ink will think it is the ink problems, but sometimes is because the damper is clogged, so please clean the damper at first after clean if still clog, you can change the damper, damper also need replace regularly. 
Do all this let sublimation printer deep cleaning then printing. If still break line please insist on printing about 20m pure color, let the ink out, let printer printing long time, check whether it is run well.
Our printing sometime printing have break line after clean the wiper the ink stack, after use these way, printing about 20m, it will be ok, please try it.If all the way have try the printer head also clog. Maybe need change the printer head. The printer head also haveshelf life, printing about 30000/m2 need replace new one.
papijet ink
Also the sublimation ink is very sensitive of the heat. sometimes the weather is hot environment change, the ink surface is easy dry, the ink viscosity increases then ink can not print out. So the ink storage environment is very important. Before using, Shake gently.
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