Metal gifts by dye sublimation printing solution

Sublimation on metal is an innovative and unique way to reproduce stunning images that will last for years to come. 

During the dye sublimation process, an image is first printed onto a sheet of transfer paper, which is then placed on a specialized, pre-treated piece of metal. We place the metal into our sublimation printer, which heats the transfer paper to the perfect temperature. This unique process turns the transfer paper directly into a gas, and solidifies it into the treated metal.

The result? A lightweight, picture-perfect print that is just as beautiful as it is easy to maintain.

Because the dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating of the metal, these prints are scratch resistant. And forget about fingerprints—a light, microfiber cloth and household cleaner will leave your artwork looking good as new. This new technology and material has been revolutionary for the healthcare industry due to the surface of the material being so easy to clean- say goodbye to germs.

Metal Dye Sublimation Finishes
We offer a variety of finishes for metal prints that are created using dye sublimation:
White Gloss. Metal prints with this finish look similar to images on white paper, and feature a glass-like finish.
White Matte. This is a standard white coating that features a non-reflective finish.
Clear Gloss. This transparent coating has a glossy, glass-like finish that looks similar to brushed metal.
Clear Matte. This transparent, non-reflective finish is perfect for outdoor or bright settings.   
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