What U need to Make Wallpaper prints?

 A growing market continues to develop for large format inkjet prints for decoration: interior design and décor, such as wallpaper.
Nowadays, young people are more and more interested in the decoration of houses, and they are more personalized or more artistic, so print wallpaper is already a trend item. Decoration process for the wall design is even more important.
Wallpaper is in the rapid renovation process derived new products, immediately affixed immediately convenient and multi pattern optional personality, will have more and more market share.
Not just industrial mass production of wallpaper, we can also design our own wallpaper in our own DIY.
This is easy enough to accept once it is understood that wallpapers can be printed with water or solvent based inks. They could be part printed on one print process and then transferred to any one, or more, of the other available processes. The paper grade also affects color and so plays its own part.

You need to know about the wide-format printer workflow:
Wide format equipment (the printers)
You can select printers for photographs
Media (paper, canvas, vinyl, silk, cotton and everything else you can print on)
The software which runs these printers: RIPs 

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