How To solve some Mimaki printer erro code?

Message [Check waste ink]
Reset the waste ink in the waste ink tank by replacing the waste ink tank or discardingthe waste ink by pulling it into alternate container. Once resetting the waste ink onthe machine, the warning message [Check waste ink] will go off.If keep operating the machine by resetting the waste ink yet in fact there are goodvolume remained in the tank, it will be eventually over-floated.

Message [Check Wash liquid] 
This is the message to warn you to check on the cartridge to see if it is empty; and it appears occasionally. Remove the washing liquid cartridge and check it’s not empty; and reinstall the cartridge to reset the counter and it will cancel the message. When OK is selected with no washing liquid cartridge removal, then it will cancel the message at the moment, but it will appear once again when you restart the printer. 
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