How to choose dye sublimation ink?

Well as general knowledge there are many sublimation inks, from products that we know neither its composition nor its origin, to the top of most common brands and cataloged as the best, I will not mention brands, the top already work with all in different machines and I can Talk pros and cons of each, but what is the most important based on the printer?
Controlled environment
Important we have to have a controlled environment, sublimation inks to work in optimal conditions need to have a temperature between 20 and 24 degrees "C" and a humidity between 40 and 60%, Sublimation inks are usually quick drying and have a High viscosity so if we do not maintain optimum conditions we will have problems with capped heads and this is the headache of all who work in sublimation since we know that each head can be considered to be worth 20% of what is worth the machine as well Which I recommend paying close attention to this point.
We also have to know if the ink we buy is specially made to be used in the head of our machine, the inks are made to be compatible with specific heads of machines, For example an ink can be used in an Epson DX5 head but not Is compatible with an Epson DX7 head, to ensure not only once or with a person if not with at least two, that do not have to do with the business that is to be done, if you have doubts about this you can contact me with my email and I will send you Their doubts.
Price or Performance
What we look for in the ink, usually the final consumer sees price, but let me tell you that I would not look for that, the more economical an ink is because it has more water than pigment and the more water has slower the drying process, too The economic inks are usually of brands that have not developed well their inks so they are not consistent and their decomposition may be faster so this falls again in frequent problems as dampers ruined by obstruction and the most painful heads covered.
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