Different print heads for UV printer

Most of us know the most important part of a UV printer is its print head, which basically limit your print ability including print speed, print resolution, maintenance  cost, the working life and price of the printer itself. when we start planning to buy a stuff. we usually want to buy the best machine with the lowest price. Which is kind of hard for everyone. thus, we need to analyze all the factors that would affect our decisions. at last, choose a printer relative fit for our usage.  
In general. most manufacturers install Japanese print heads in the printers.There are several sorts of print heads in the UV flatbed printer market. As we know ,Toshiba, Epson, Seiko, Konica, Richo, and Kyocera .the most popular are Toshiba,Epson and Ricoh among them.
Toshiba:Toshiba head is being more and more welcomed in the market due to its high resolution-5pl,and fast speed with 8 print heads. and average market price with 1 year warranty. 

Epson: Several years ago. lots of printer users use Epson print head even until now, as time moves on, they finally got the conclusion that. Epson head print doesn't print faster than other brand print head, but with almost the highest resolution. its price is acceptable for almost clients. 
Ricoh: Ricoh head’s print speed is a little faster than Toshiba’s. print resolution is little worse than Toshiba’s. and both Toshiba and Ricoh possess the same long life as long as 3~5years according to industrial experience.  but its single print head’s price is three times as expensive as Toshiba’s. and no warranty for its print heads. I have been wondering  why Ricoh does not provide warranty period although their print heads can be used for a long time.
Konica&Seiko:Why do I choose to talk about Konica and Seiko together,the reason is that,I have to say, both of them are so average in the market. their print head do not have the fastest print speed. do not have the highest print resolution even kind of bad compared with the other print heads. the print head price is also between the most expensive and the cheapest.
Kyocera: The Kyocera is the last one I would talk, its print speed is so fast, print resolution is good as well. working life is also long as to 3~5 years. of course this  print head is more expensive. 
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