Some tips of dispersed dye sublimation ink for heat transfer temperature

In the printing process, in fact, printing on the process of dyes, materials are required, transfer printing applications for the dispersion of dyes, the actual sublimation temperature is lower than the melting point of fiber macro molecules and can not damage the strength of the fabric. The appropriate processing temperature for polyester is 180-120 ° C. At the same time in the temperature of the dye, the occurrence of the molecular weight of the varieties in the 230-270, the molecular material is also divided into three during this period.
The first, fast-dyeing disperse dyes: the temperature at 180 ℃ or so can sublimate hair color, the higher the temperature, the color will change, while the edge will occur seepage.
The second, good dispersion of the dye :: temperature in the range of 180 - 210 ℃ can sublimate hair color. Hair color curve flat. The effect of temperature on dyeing is not that it is the more suitable disperse dye ink for transfer printing.
The third, late dyeing disperse dyes: in the case of 180 - 210 ℃ dye can not be a good sublimation, hair color. Such as raising the temperature, you can get a good hair color. This kind of dye is highly dependent on temperature when dyeing.
So the process of printing the dye is required, different temperatures in different fabrics on the changes are not the same. Such as good fastness to washing on the fiber and ironing fastness. For macro molecules on some of the macro molecules, if the aggregation in the fabric surface, but also to the fiber inside the spread.
In the printing process, the transfer of printing dye on the transfer paper affinity is small, the affinity of the fabric to be large. So that processed products can be in color, fastness are more quality.
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