What Printer CISS Is? How It Works?

Printer CISS | What It Is? | How It Works?
What can you do then to increase the capacity of the cartridges? Making the cartridge bigger won’t work because it won’t fit in the printer anymore.
Good thing there’s Ink All-You-Can System.
The Ink All-You-Can System or Continuous Ink System (CISS) works just like attaching the disperser to a bigger water tank and tap into a bigger reservoir of water or ink.
When we install the CISS to your printer, we actually extend the cartridge using a tube or horse and attach it to an external ink tank, pretty much like your water pipes attached to the water tank.
Now, when you print, the cartridge ejects ink from the cartridge and that ink is replaces by the ink from the tank. You now have ink equivalent to as much as 40 cartridges without making the cartridges any bigger!

When the ink tank becomes low on ink, all you have to do is put more ink in the tank, similar to what you do when you refill water tanks. Then, you are good to go for another round of unlimited printing!

After a while, the printer head(the one that acts like a faucet) will wear out. Just like all other things undergo normal wear and tear. When this time comes, you either have to buy a new cartridge or buy a printer head. In order to bring back the printer in good working condition. In some cases for EPSON printers, it is more advisable to buy a new printer instead of just replacing the printer head (which costs more or less the same price as a brand new printer). The good thing is that your Ink All-You-Can System can normally be transferred to another printer as long as they are of the same brand and printer model, so you can further maximize your investment in Ink All-You-Can.
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