Leopard, key element for fashion garments and accessories

Twenty years ago, you could probably have smoked a cigarette at your desk, but you wouldn't have got away with wearing leopard-print. That would have been outrageous. How things change. Smoking, these days, is socially transgressive, while animal prints are as genteel and normal as a lunchtime cocktail was in 1963.

Leopard-print is everywhere. We identify with it, and are drawn to it. It is the clan tartan of modern womanhood. From being something that sluttish women wore after dark, it became something that everyone wore after dark. Then it became daywear.
The combination possibilities of this print are infinite, a reason why every fashion lover needs to have a leopard print in their closet.This fabric will allow you to upgrade your outfit, show a risky look, but always keeping the elegance.

Fashion icons, trendsetters and queens of the street-style like Olivia Palermo, Caroline Issa or Miroslava Duma know how to mix this print in their everyday dress and the result they have is always astonishing. Would you like some fashion inspiration for this Thursday? The weekend is getting closer and the only think we have in our minds is, what are we going to wear? And how we´ll wear it?
Also the New York Fashion Week is taking place right now and new trends are about to come out. Don´t be left behind, and mix classic elements and timeless like the leopard print with the coming fashion.

Dye sublimation printing is the best way for leopard element on garments, high quality printing performance, soft texture, lasting forever. 

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