Some tips of print head protection from printer placement

How to keep maintenance about our print head? we all know print head is very important for whole machine, it is fragile, so we always deal with it carefully. today i will tell you guys how to protect it from different aspects. 
Printer placement
  • Temperature & Humidity : 
Keep about 20-25 °C, more than 30 °C above the ink is easy to cluster the appearance of jelly tends to cause plugging, the evaporation of ink at the nozzle will dry up faster. The temperature in winter is too low, resulting in increased ink viscosity, fluency weakened, printing does not come out or cause ink off! Humidity as much as possible, humidity should be above 40! Humidity should be more than 40, too dry environment print head is easy to dry. Humidity is a cause of clogging. 
  • The second reason is light: 
UV inks are the basic common sense when light is solidified. The nozzles are exposed to strong light outside. The ink tube is also exposed outside. Causes the ink to dry the plug, so the machine should not be placed at the door and the window where sunlight can reach directly. It is best not to have sunlight enter the room of the printing studio or the printing equipment, depending on the natural light of the room interior. The best light, this is not easy to cause plugging phenomenon.
  • Wind and Air flow
The third reason is that the wind and the air flow are too strong. Many people do not install air conditioners in the summer workshop. Instead, they install large fans on the windows and vigorously draw the air. The air flow is too fast and causes the nozzles to dry quickly due to the large ink solvents. Volatile will soon dry and easy to plug!
  • The fourth reason is that dust in the environment is very large
Dust and dust will enter the printing ink and it will adhere to the nozzle. It will enter the ink bottle and will plug the head.
  • Pressure device
If no negative pressure device is installed, the use of positive pressure ink capsule ink is too low, requiring the ink level to be more than 20 cm above the nozzle! The use of a negative pressure ink bag requires a level of about 20 cm below the nozzle! If a negative pressure system is installed, the negative pressure is too large to be easily supplied with ink, and it is easy to draw ink off! Negative pressure is too small, easy to drop ink, easy to accumulate ink easily !
This post mainly tell you how to place machine in right environment, then convenient to protect your print head from external factors. if you have any other ideas, welcome to message us. 
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