Do you know Continuous bulk ink supply system?

Firstly, let's talk about CISS. Typical CISS (also referred to as Continuous ink supply system) consists of purpose built cartridges (ink tanks), connected via flexible plastic ribbon tubing (one tube per color) to large ink reservoirs, positioned outside the printer. One end of the tubing travels with the "CISS" ink cartridges, while the other end is stationary, attached to the ink reservoir. There are many variations of continuous ink systems, but most are based on this design.  

Some printers use ink cartridges with a chip attached, recording the level of ink used. When the cartridge is empty in a certain proportion, the chip will make it impossible to re-use the cartridge, even if it will be refilled. CISS systems used for such printers are equipped with resettable chips, meaning that they can be reset when the printer shows the " ink cartridge empty" error message. The ink cartridges of the CISS system are especially designed to work well for long periods of time. 
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How do CISS work?
CISS operate on a very simple principle of pressure balance. The whole CISS system is usually sealed, except for a breather (vent) in top of each ink reservoir. As soon as the printer starts using ink (eg printing, priming, cleaning), negative pressure starts to build up in the cartridges, which in turn "pulls" the correct quantity of ink up from the ink reservoir. This keeps the cartridges topped up all the time. There are no motors or pumps - the printing "action" does all the work.

When ink in the reservoir is depleted, more can easily be added, using a funnel, or with a large syringe. The external ink reservoirs are clear and it's easy to see how much ink you have left.    
Why continuous ink?
CISS combine the low cost of refill compatible ink with the added convenience of ink cartridges that never run out, or need replacing. A suitable ink printer, properly set up with a quality CISS is hard to beat for convenience, ease of use and low running costs. CISS printers regularly achieve 90% cheaper running costs than their non-CISS cousins, so the conversion can pay for itself very quickly (if you print a lot).   .     

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