Where can we use outdoor printing machine?

Printing technology continues to develop and enhance the outdoor printing machine applications are also constantly expanding, the common field of outdoor photo machine what are the areas? This is what we will share with you.
Outdoor photo machine, using a weak solvent or solvent-based inks, models for outdoor advertising environment, usually outdoor photo ink has better sunscreen waterproof performance, printing media materials and inks can be well adapted to the outdoor environment. Outdoor photo machine print out the colorful images, image reproduction is good, but the color image durable, easy to fade.
Common application areas are bus body posts, outdoor advertising light boxes, outdoor wall printing cloth advertising, etc., in our daily life are everywhere around the outdoor photo machine applications.
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1, Outdoor bus post advertising application
For example, we usually see a variety of buses in the street, while advertisements posted outside buses are printed by outdoor pictorial machines. Advertising pictures printed by outdoor pictorial machines are not only bright and clear, but also do not fade for a long time. Outdoor body advertising coverage of a wide range of people, to achieve long-term good publicity.
2, Shopping mall advertising films, subway corridors Lightbox ads, bus stops advertising
For the light we should be very familiar with, like some shopping malls are long-term lighting, if printed with water-based photo machine, in the light of a long time it is easy to fade, image fade, etc., and outdoor photo printer printed long-term To keep bright, will not fade, so in our daily lives, is also very common outdoor photo printing machine printing applications, such as shopping malls, subway corridors Lightbox ads, bus station ads and so on.
3, outdoor advertising canvas, inkjet cloth, bunting and so on.
In short, the field of outdoor Eco-solvent printer applications are various and wide, which is why outdoor photo machines are more popular reasons.
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