How to maintain digital printer under wet weather?

The use of digital printer for wet weather precautions, today i will share some tips with you guys as below:
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1, Printer internal maintenance
       Photo machine, after all, is a large mechanical equipment, internal electrical components in wet weather is the primary protection object; humid weather duration should be as long as possible to minimize the shutdown, if necessary, you can use hair dryer to open the warm air against the board Blowing warm air.
2, pictorial machine printing material moisture
       Pictorial machine printing media are many easy to receive wet weather, such as cloth, paper media is particularly vulnerable to damp, if the damp medium printing will appear "scattered ink" phenomenon, print out The image looks like "hairy", especially unpleasant. So need to pay attention to the space for drying!

3, pictorial machine printing slow drying
        Air humidity is too large, the most direct impact on the environment around the drying speed is slow. Whether it is washing clothes or pictorial machine print out the finished product map are the same, ORIC printer has a triple "drying" equipment; namely "heating film, fan, infrared," before and after the three drying system, if necessary, Three sections of the drying system to open the general wet environment is very fast drying.
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