How to solve blocked print heads?

Inkjet printing ink break phenomenon occurs after printer working long time, although most manufacturers are equipped with automatic machine cleaning machine, but due to various uncontrollable factors; domestic printer ink phenomenon is often occur, usually only automatic cleaning Under the nozzle can, if the automatic cleaning can not correct the ink off how to do?
1, Pump ink nozzle properly
The solution: to do the correct photo machine head cleaning pump pumping, please let the nozzle vertically aligned ink stack run at this time the Minolta photo machine basic disposable ink can be sucked out and discharged ink system of air. This ensures that there is no negative pressure in the heating head of the ink head, so that the ink can be smoothly sprayed onto the screen, and at the same time, about 20 ml of ink is guaranteed in the head.

2, the nozzle really blocked
The solution: If the nozzle is physically blocked, you can first try to clean the nozzle with an ultrasonic cleaner or hot distilled water.
3, pre-heating value is not enough
The solution: If it is caused by low temperature ink jet from right to left uneven, can increase the preheat value.
4, poor pipe or quick connector
Solution: Clean the top of the quick connector by rotating the top spring 90 degrees, or replacing the new quick connector, or trying to remove the top spring in the quick connector lumen (the symptom is usually below 4PASS, when the bracket 5 or above suddenly abruptly Off ink, downtime, playing cleaning bar, still not out of ink pumping pumping pumping, out of ink normal), but the above is rare.
In fact, the vast majority of problems can be avoided, usually in the use of the equipment for careful maintenance and repair.
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