How to maintain your laser tube in cold weather?

Recently, the northern area and countries have generally entered the winter, the temperatures are gradually below the freezing point, this condition will freeze the cooling water of the CO2 laser tube and cause the pipe wall to crack, so that the laser machine will not work. It will bring unnecessary losses and delay production. So, how to prevent it in the winter? I hope that the following points will help you in the winter to maintain safety when using the CO2 laser cutting machine.

1. Pay more attention to the weather forecast, keep the indoor temperature is not less than 0 degrees, especially the night temperature, to keep the indoor temperature is not lower than the ice threshold.
2. If the inside temperature can not be controlled, you can remove the cooling water from the laser tube after daily work.
3. Keep circulating water clean. The cooling water of the laser tube is better to use pure water or mineral water, if you use tap water, you should always change the water to make sure that the water is clean, to avoid dirt and block the channel of the laser cycle.
4. You can also use antifreeze instead of ordinary water for the cooling cycle.
There are also many other ways to protect your CO2 laser tube in winter, if you use the machine in a correct way, you will also get a good job in winter and keep your machine a long life.
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