What will affect sublimation printing result?

Digital sublimation transfer paper is mainly used for fabric pattern transfer processing, which as a key performance of the transfer rate, transfer color density, the rate of drying and other evaluation, for sublimation transfer paper production and application is crucial, science The test method is to judge the pros and cons of product quality is an important means. At present, some of the key performance has not promulgated the relevant standard evaluation methods, still rely on human-based, hand touch the qualitative method of evaluation, the results are greatly affected by human factors, can not objectively evaluate the sublimation transfer paper.

  • Print drying speed evaluation method

Print drying speed is also an important indicator of digital sublimation transfer paper. During the continuous printing rewinding process, the front side with the pattern touches the back side and is rolled together under certain tension. According to the practical application, the method of evaluating the printing and drying speed based on the principle of sticky dirty is developed. That is, choose the darker color (darker color pattern printing ink is large, printing is usually slower drying) color printing, print naturally placed after a certain period of time, the use of sublimation transfer paper back with a certain pressure on The color of the block to make contact, sticky dirty, so repeatedly choose a different natural place to sticky dirty color until the sublimation transfer paper on the back of the color sticky color down so far, which means that the color has been formed on the surface of the drying block, this time Placed time is the print drying time, the shorter the drying time the faster.

  • Transfer rate, transfer color density evaluation method

This method simulates the actual printing and transfer process, that is, using a four-color desktop inkjet printer, a four-color (100% C, 100% M, 100% Y, 100% K) Transfer the paper, after drying, transfer the color blocks to a white 100% polyester satin cloth using a flatbed transfer machine. The transfer temperature is set at 200 ° C for a period of 30 seconds. Reference to "GB / T 18722-2002 printing technology reflection density measurement and color measurement in the printing process control" standard reflection density measurement requirements, the use of reflection densitometer were tested after transfer on the four-color patch density, That is, transfer color density; were tested after transfer residual paper on the four-color color density, that is residual color density, you can use the X-Rite 528 model color density meter for testing. 

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