How to print on ceramic by UV flatbed printer?

oric uv flatbed printer
UV flatbed printers are not subject to any material restrictions and can be used for color photographic printing on ceramic, tile, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, tile, cloth, rice paper and other textiles. Whether it is a simple block color pattern, full-color patterns or over-color patterns, can be a print to complete, no plate, no copy and repeat chromatography, a wide range of applications. 
application of uv printing
UV Printer is particularly suitable for: organic ceramic tile deep processing, plastic products factory, ceramic tile deep processing, silicone products industry, marble printing processing plant, toy factory, hardware factory craft gift factory, advertising industry and other factories and enterprises large and small batch printing and processing products, rapid production Pattern implementation of computer data output to the tile printer - Print directly on the object! 
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