Some questions you have to know about dye sublimation (2)

Dye sublimation printing is one of the most underrated techniques for product decoration. While it may not be applicable for certain surfaces, this process fills many unique niches in the promotional printing market and is the ideal choice for printing on polyester fabrics and polyester resin coated products.   
What About the Disperse Dye Ink?Dye sublimation printers don’t yet have the capability to print using white ink, so you’ll need to make sure you’re printing on white or light-colored items.
Even with that limitation, the color gamut is still fantastic. Mimaki, for example, has introduced yellow and pink fluorescent inks that can be used as individual spot colors or blended to make a more fluorescent tone of any color.
Why Should I Use This Method?Dye sublimation is the process for printing on all things polyester. That’s because the gaseous state of the ink results in a completely washable, smooth image that’s fully embedded into the material. Plus, the quality is high resolution consisting of vivid, vibrant colors. 
The alternative process of UV printing is not effective on polyester fabric items. On polyester coated hard goods, UV prints can feel more textured and look like a label or sticker. With dye sublimation, the texture isn’t rigid or crusty and there’s no threat of scraping or scratching a print.
If you’re strictly an apparel printer, dye sublimation can open up more opportunities to expand your business. Once you have a dye sublimation printer, it’s easy to add hard goods into the mix to broaden your product offering and increase revenue.
What Kind of Dye Sublimation Printers Are Available?As mentioned earlier, Mimaki and Mutoh are two of the biggest names in dye sublimation printing. The Mimaki TS30 is a great entry model, while the TS300 is wider and faster. Mutoh’s entry level model, the RJ-900, is a great four-color roll-to-roll printer but doesn’t offer fluorescent ink compatibilities. Mutoh’s VJ-1638WX and Mimaki's TS300P are both eight-color printers with more advanced features like longer and wider print capabilities and faster print speeds. 
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