Why your sublimation paper get curled when printing?

When dealing with sublimation printing, some people may have encountered a big and serious problem---the sublimation paper curls and scratches the printer head. The worst result is that you take some money from your pocket and change a new printer head. At that time, you will have to find a way to reduce your cost to remain your profit. Today , we are going to offer you a solution to help you out of that problem ---paper curling ! 
First of all, why sublimation transfer paper get curl ? 
Sublimation paper is a coated paper, made up with two important parts : The base paper, and the sublimation coating, which all have contains moisture. When you put the sublimation paper in a environment of dry air and high temperature, the moisture will evaporate. At this time, if the moisture of the base paper and the coating evaporate inconsistently, the paper will curl. The process of the moisture evaporation, we call it “scalability”.  
Second, what’s the consequence of curling problem ?

As we stated above, When you are printing a heavy ink loading, the paper will scratch and damage the printer head once the paper curls. 
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