How to choose premium sublimation ink for your inkjet plotters?

In the choice of dye sublimation ink as much as possible to choose their own machines for the ink, different print heads or the same print head in the use of the process of shooting the frequency of vibration and printing voltage is not much different sub ink is not the same. A kind of ink can not meet all inkjet sublimation printers models, nor is all the sublimation ink are suitable for sublimation printing machine. 
So when the choice of ink as far as possible to choose light-resistant type, so you can use on the outdoor inkjet printing machine but also consider the stability of printer, the ink is organic paint organic solvent system in the uniform distribution of pigment particles size is not the same, some of the more poor quality ink machine because of her choice of raw materials on the excessive pursuit of cheap, inside the particle suspension system will be very unstable, with the temperature changes, the particles will be layered after the phenomenon of precipitation, Reaction in the picture machine on the print head will make ink out of the instability, this result will damage the nozzle. Photo machine ink use convenience, high-quality sublimation ink in the use of the process of painting no need to clean the nozzle, and frequent wipe. So that the efficiency and quality will be greatly improved, and can save more ink, if the poor medicine is more difficult to do. The last is the quality of raw materials, ink, high-quality raw materials is an important guarantee of ink, raw materials in the price is not the same, both the cost of sublimation printing ink and the quality of ink we all should pay attention to, using poor quality ink for printer will damage your print heads, and not environmentally friendly.
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