Why your print head easy to be blocked?

The reason of print head nozzles blocked:
As some kind color do not inkjet for a long time or the temperature increase when nozzle is using, so that the stationary ink will be drying agglomeration in nozzle wall, and if do not clean in time and the drying of relatively powerful, the nozzle may not be cleaned open,therefore, should cleaning immediately when found the print head nozzles blocked.
Ink reach the nozzle, will go through a filter whose diameter is of 10—26μ, its fineness smaller than the diameter of nozzle, so when the ink reaches the nozzle, have process super filter, will not clog caused by nozzle.
1.Make ready a pot of water over 80℃;
2.Put one bottle eco-solvent cleaner into the water;
3.Preheat 5 minutes and take it out;
4.Remove the print head and use injector inject eco solvent cleaner some times,be careful that don't ask the cleaner spurt on the print head circuit;
5.Install the print head and printing test to check the result;
6.Print C M Y K LC LM color block to make sure that the cleaner print out with ink.

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