How to use Heat transfer vinyl film for t-shirt?

Heat transfer vinyl, It’s incredibly versatile, it comes in tons of colors, and you can find it in smooth, flocked, or glittery. Plus it sticks to cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends, so you can decorate pretty much any fabric items that you want!
Operating process:
A. First with a lettering machine to imitate the desired pattern or text
B. tear off the excess color film, forming a hollow effect, cut down the pattern facing the fabric;
C. with heat press machine or iron can be hot up.

D. The main features of the product 180 degrees Celsius hot up, hot finished than the traditional screen printing effect is good, not fade, not fall off. 

What about its features?
A. rich color types. 
B. feel good, soft not cracking, flexible, do not fade, does not fall off when machine wash or hand wash, no smell, fashion and environmental protection;
C. The use of equipment is simple, as long as there are computers, computer engraving machine and heat press machine can be used;

E. No plate making, eliminating the time and cost of plate making, and other desirable, saving manpower and material resources;
Applicable to all kinds of cotton, non-woven fabrics and other low-temperature pressure hot material textile fabrics, not subject to color restrictions, hiding power is extremely strong. The use of a very wide range: company uniforms, sports uniforms, numbers, customized t-shirts, etc.
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