Why Epson DX-5 print head is more popular than DX-7?

In Among the many piezoelectric printers, the use of more is the Epson piezoelectric nozzle, Epson fifth generation nozzle (referred to as the first generation of five), but also the use of Epson seventh generation nozzle (referred to as seven generations of head) or 10 generation of the first piezoelectric printer and many more. However, in many domestic piezoelectric printer used in the most or to the number of five generations of head, because the Epson fifth generation nozzle in the piezoelectric printer application technology has been very mature, whether it is encrypted nozzle or non-encrypted nozzle, in the pressure Electric printer applications have been very popular with digital printing users of all ages. Why do five generations of nozzles by digital printing users favor it? Mainly because the Epson fifth generation nozzle does not pick the ink, controllable low cost, even with the general thermal transfer ink on the five generations of nozzle damage is not large, the use of stability, the printer on the Epson five generations of nozzle control technology is mature, print Output accuracy is also high, the speed is also fast, so the five generations of nozzle has become the first choice for many thermal transfer printer users.
Now there are many sublimation printer on the market to use Epson seventh generation nozzle and Epson third generation nozzle, but the technology is not too mature, so the stability will be better than the five generations of nozzles, while in the service life, seven generation nozzle is not as good as Five-generation nozzle, Epson seventh generation nozzle structure and design of ink droplets than the DX-5 printheads of fine twice, so seven generations of inkjet ink to be critical of the requirements of the ink than the five generations of nozzle ink is more smooth several times, then the drop Than the five generations of the nozzle is much smaller several times, although the speed accuracy than the five generations to be accurate, ink droplets ultra-fine, but the stability is far less than five generations of nozzles, because the user pay more attention to the stability of the printer, if the stability is not Well, the machine is prone to problems, in the use of practicality on the user's approval.
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