Why nowadays Light-weight sublimation paper is popular for user?

As we all know the competition the sublimation market is getting more fierce than before, so everyone wants to cut the cost in order to keep competitive on the market.
Also the emerge of more and more high speed printers like MS-JP4, D.gen, etc on the market. In order to live it up to the speed of high speed printer, the sublimation transfer paper must be lighter, so we can put more meters into one roll.
But Feiyue Inc. can guarantee your the quality of our lighter sublimation paper.
Dye sublimation is a water-based ink that works with a wide variety of inkjet printers. Most are adapted from standard Eco-sol models, though a few have been purpose-built.
This ink is very widely used for textiles because it is easy to work with and only requires heat and a little pressure as a post-process.
It produces bright colors, but the limitation is that it only works with polyesters. Polyester-natural fiber mixes can be used, but the less polyester the fewer the binding points for the dye, so the image is duller and wash resistance suffers.
The ink can be used either to print onto sublimation transfer paper or directly to the textile. Some manufacturers call it ‘disperse dye,’ usually when referring to direct printing. In some cases, the same ink is used for paper as direct to the textile (which needs a pre-treatment to reduce spread and wicking into the fibers before it is heat-fixed).
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