Some tips tell you how to judge sublimation ink

Sublimation ink (also known as thermal transfer ink) is the low-energy, sublimation of the disperse dyes made into digital inkjet ink. The so-called thermal transfer, refers to the thermal sublimation ink printed on the transfer paper, by heating, etc., the transfer paper on the pattern transfer to the printing material, such as ceramics, metal, textiles and other materials.
With the rapid development of thermal sublimation inkjet printer technology, more applications to choose sublimation printing. In the textile printing, clothing printing, decoration, art crafts and soft logo advertising and other applications, the sublimation of the printing method has been recognized by the market.
1. ink color reduction rate
Sublimation ink is mainly through the sublimation of the characteristics of the pattern will be transferred to the printing material, so the color reduction rate is one of the very important factors. Usually the reduction rate of imported ink is close to 90%. In this case, there is no pattern on the heat transfer paper after transfer, almost white. The higher the rate of reduction of the color, then the transfer to the printing material on the pattern of color saturation is higher.

2. The size of the ink particles
Large particles of sublimation ink prone to the phenomenon of printer plug, and will lead to the screen texture is not enough delicate.
3. Ink color purity
Sublimation ink purity is one of the most common problems in sublimation printing. For the heat transfer ink, the black ink is the most easy to color, low-quality sublimation of ink, black ink will be some red and purple. Check the quality of ink quality, by looking at the purity of black ink is the most direct and effective way.
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