How to protect your Chinese sublimation inkjet printers?

Chinese sublimation inkjet printer is affordable, value for money, easy to operate, can print vivid colors, so more and more individual users and companies choose Chinese inkjet printer. However, during using domestic sublimation printer, many users only know use but ignore maintenance. In particular, individual users, not like the company has a special maintenance staff, ignoring the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine, easily lead to frequent machine failures. Some tips about how to protect your Chinese inkjet printers as below:  
  • Check your humidity level. This tip is important and often brushed aside. Humidity can cause a lot of issues in your sublimation printing. It can affect both printer and paper. If it’s too dry, your printer has a hard time keeping its heads free and clear as the ink could dry and clog up nozzles. It only takes some cleanings to get them back but is still an unneeded headache. With too much humidity, your paper acts as a sponge. If you have too much humidity in your print space, you’ll notice when you arrive in the morning that the edges of your paper are curled up. This can be a big problem if you start to print. Your head can catch on the curl and damage itself, causing an expensive repair. If you do notice a curl, cut the paper yourself before engaging your printer. Too much humidity can also cause major gassing once pressed, possibly causing out gassing in your image and ruining it.
  • Clean under the print head. When performing maintenance on your larger machines, move the print head all the way over to the other side and clean the sides of it where ink can build up. This will keep it from dripping onto your transfer as the machine is printing. This is usually only an option on the larger machines. Do not wipe the head directly, just the plastic on the sides.
  • Watch your ink expiration dates. This is also a big deal in the printing process. Expired inks can have a major affect on your colors. The suspended dye will settle, and you’ll start to lose your vibrant color. If you do have expired inks, order new sublimation ink and flush the old ink out. Having the freshest ink possible will ensure your colors stay at what you need.
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