How to solve sublimation paper when it gets curled?

Sublimation printing uses proprietary dyes which are transferred onto special coated transfer paper(we named it sublimation paper) via what is essentially a large ink jet printer. but if you choose poor quality sublimation paper,which is easy to get curled, so how can we solve it?
1.We adopt high quality sublimation base paper instead of the recycling paper. This type of base paper is made up of nature wood pulp (softwood and hardwood), which fiber is longer, and more flexible than the offset paper. So the better performance and the scalability can help to reduce the possibility of the curl. 
2.The anti-curl coating layer. The base paper has two sides, smooth side and rough side.   Typically, sublimation transfer paper is only printed on one side. Accordingly, the sublimation transfer paper only needs to have the sublimation ink receptive coating on the side that receives and holds the sublimation ink. So the smooth side will be coated with sublimation coating and the rough side can be uncoated. 

3.But if the paper is only coated on one side, the structure is not stable and balanced, the paper many have an increased tendency to curl. So the second method to preventing curling problem, is to coat the wire side with a functional coating too. The functional coating ,or named as anti-curl coating, could provide the sublimation transfer paper enhanced stability. 
With above two solutions, we solve the curling problem perfectly. Saving paper cost does not mean saving the total cost. Always a better quality help you  to improve your productivity and to protect your other equipment, that’s the real saving!
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