Advantages of using roll to roll heat press calendar

Developed based on long-term customer experience and the advantages of popular models around the world, our multi-function rotary heat press machine is the most advanced and practical model in domestic market. This equipment also integrates the new technology of cotton cold transfer printing, further meeting the needs of output in the transfer printing industry.
Following are our features of our machine.
1) The electric control adopts latest technology that allows separation of the machine body and the blanket automatic, with a power failure protection functions.  
2)  It is applicable to all over or piece hot press, with a 2-3 times higher work efficiency.
3)  Electronic digital terminal temperature control and motor frequency conversion digital speed regulation, with high accuracy (±1-2°C).
4)  Drum surface with chrome plating, high hardness and good printing performance, wearable and stickiness-proof. 
5)  It adopts advanced oil-warming technology and liquid circular heat conduction, with even heating and high thermal conductivity. 
6)  External oil-filling tank and auto-close valve make it convenient to change heat transfer.
7)  A design of pneumatic pressure system make rotary  printing machine do perfect transfer.
8) Can let the blanket to be automatic correction, ensure the normal orbit, make the efficiency of heat transfer enhancement and the transfer quality guaranteed.
Following are our advantage of our heat transfer calendar:
1, Automatic Device for deviation and correction of Blanket---help you adjust the blanket automatically
2, Explosion-Proof Device---protect the machine work in a safe condition
3, Fabric Counter System---count the fabric it print
4, Peripheral Oil Tank outside---easy for you to add the oil
5, Rewind fabric and cooling system---help to rewind the finished fabric, and make the fabric cold...

6, Automatic pneumatic compression device---more convenient for the work of machine
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