Coating Layer for ultra-light weight sublimation transfer paper

The Currently on the market of tissue paper can be divided into two categories: one is uncoated tissue paper, this kind of tissue paper is actually produced in the paper machine with high consistency of the base paper, print clarity and transfer rate are very low , With the use of expensive high concentrations of ink to ensure the color density of textiles; the other is a coated tissue paper, this kind of tissue through the entire international market, only a manufacturer of the quality is still available (but Expensive), the domestic manufacturers of thin paper in the paper formation and drying speed does not have the advantage, still in the production of thick paper formulations and technology in the manufacture of tissue paper.

For thin Sublimation paper we have developed a third generation of coating formulations, compared to the second generation of formula, the characteristics of the third generation of recipe has the following advantages:
1. paper is flat, not easy to bend: thin paper itself because the paper is thin, stiffness is far less than thick paper, if the same paper with the same technology and formula, it is almost impossible to produce very flat transfer paper, and three generations from Material selection is completely different from the second generation formula, three generations of formula material is not easy to warp, which fundamentally solve the paper between the thin and war between the contradictions, 45~65 grams sublimation paper even on the hot press Under the high temperature baking is flat, which is very beneficial for the transfer of pieces. It can be said that the sublimation paper adapt to any humidity environment, flat printing and transfer.
2. Drying speed: three generations of the characteristics of the formula is dry fast, if not very heavy ink volume printing, the whole Si Fu thin paper can be printed while the edge of the film, do not need to open the drying equipment. F 100 grams of product drying speed of about 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
3. Transfer rate can be comparable to 100 grams of products: the general use of second-generation formula made of thin paper in order to reduce the curl and enhance the drying rate is often reduced to achieve the amount of coating, and reduce the amount of coating means that the coating ink capacity reduction, So that the transfer rate can not be guaranteed, or the transfer rate, the paper drying speed and the warpage resistance are deteriorated. Warping, drying speed and transfer rate between the second generation formula is contradictory, can only seek a balance, can not be a perfect solution. Three generations of formula because of its own advantages of smooth and fast drying, the other three generations of the ink formulation performance is better than the second generation formula, so the three generations of formula can be said to fundamentally solve the contradiction between the three, three generations of formula production Printing paper can be achieved both flat, fast drying speed, but also have a high transfer rate.
4. White point problem: the current second-generation formula generally use the old process of production, the other two generations of formula compound dissolved relatively difficult, prone to white spots. Three generations of formula from the coating process has been adjusted, the use of new technology, white point problem has been greatly improved.
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