What's the difference between sublimation ink and thermal transfer ink?

Sublimation ink and thermal transfer ink in the performance What is the difference?
Thermal transfer is a general term, thermal transfer is composed of two kinds of technology, one is for chemical fiber material (of course, can be sublimation transfer of other materials, such as pillow, porcelain, ceramic tile, watch case), a Kind is for the cotton material of the heat transfer film.
Dye Sublimation transfer printing, the main use of disperse dye ink for printing, sublimation dye sublimation professional is the use of sublimation characteristics, high temperature and pressure so that the proliferation of ink into the fabric and coloring the inside of one of the most simple digital printing process; High to Low grade dye mainly J-TECK, INKTEC and Chinese quality sublimation ink , such as the United States and good sublimation ink and so on.
As the cotton fiber itself does not suck color, so sublimation after the transfer of cotton on the pattern, you can easily wash off. Cotton thermal film transfer to use pigment ink and cotton dedicated transfer paper! Cotton transfer paper with a gel-like coating can absorb ink to print a clear image. In the transfer, the high temperature of the colloid on the one hand, absorb the color, and the other infiltration of fabric fibers in the gap, and then the fiber surface of the strong adhesion to achieve the purpose of not being washed out.
Both are basically the same process, but the principle of printing coloring is completely different! Cotton thermal transfer paper after the pattern has a hard feel, easy from the skin and cracking; and sublimation pattern after the transfer is clear, do not change the fabric structure, feel and feel good.
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