Do you know the benefits of 75gsm sublimation paper?

Today we will share you the advantage of our 75gsm sublimation paper, the popular low gram paper within all of other products. 
Although dye sublimation printing has been around for quite some time, it came into view in the display diligence with the advent of digital printers. The dye sublimation printing process has released copious new-fangled possibilities in the digital printing market. With the development of the digital printing, the low gram paper will be used by more and more people. Why So many people like use the light gram?
The advantages of 75gsm sublimation paper?
New sublimation transfer paper with premium version in 75gsm and it is for water-based dye sublimation printing.
High transfer ratio efficiency increased to get successful printing result.
Excellent stability and performance for high color reproduction on polyester T-shirts and polyester or polymer coated substrates.  
Besides75GSM fast dry sublimation transfer paper price was cheaper than 100gsm but quality is same as 100gsm. It also have the fast dry and highest ink release, best color performance by over 95% transfer rate, extremely diverse range of sizes and lengths to select from, Can be used to clothing,glass,fabric, cups,ceramic,metal,flag, DIY designs 
and work on all inkjet printers. So why not choose the Economy 75gsm Sublimation paper instead your 100gsm or 120gsm these expensive paper?
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