5 Steps to DIY cotton t-shirt with Inkjet transfer paper

There are lots of ways and options about how to print designs on cotton fabric. here i will teach you guys print cotton t-shirt with A4 inkjet transfer paper.

a. Set heat press machine at 185°C, for 15--25 second using high pressure. 
b. Briefly heat the fabric for 5 second to ensure that it is completely smooth.
c. Before transferring, cut out the motif without leaving a margin around the edges.
d. Place Inkjet transfer paper onto fabric with the printed image facing downwards.
e. heat press machine at 185°C, for 15--25 second.
f. waiting for about 5 second, then peel off the back paper starting at the corner.
Washing Instructions:
1) waiting 24 hours before washing for the first time(drying time)
2) Fabrics bearing our transfers are machine-washable up to 30°C, always wash garments inside out.
3) Do not use aggressive washing detergents or bleach of any kind
4) Do not tumble-dry
5) Iron only on the reverse side. 7. Material Storage

conditions of 35-65% Relative Humidity and at a temperature of 10-30°C.
You can also use an iron as a heat source to transfer artwork onto a T-shirt or other fabric item. An iron will not be able to apply the same, consistent level of heat and pressure as a heat press, however.
Use professional-quality heat transfer paper to get transfers that are more durable and of better quality, especially if you are heat pressing T-shirts for a living.
It may be difficult to transfer artwork that is not square or rectangular in shape onto a T-shirt. You can add a colored box around your design in your graphic design program before printing it onto transfer paper and cutting it out for pressing.

An inkjet printer is best for printing heat press artwork because a laser printer's ink on a T-shirt or other washable item may not withstand being laundered.
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