Advantages of using rotary sublimation printing machine

Today we will discuss about roller style sublimation transfer machine features, firstly, what's rotary sublimation heat transfer machine
This is one of our most durable heat press machine with affordable price and years of trouble free performance. Full digital time and temperature control. 
Heat transfer presses are the perfect solution for small businesses, include heat transfer papers. This simple machine can make transferring your images to T-shirts, jeans, pillow cases, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic tiles etc any flat surface.
Why we choosing this kind roll style heat transfer machine? what advantages does it have on earth?
Electronic digital display temperature control. 
Both thermal transferring and low temperature transferring are available 
Perfect result of transferring 
It uses duplex oil tank to get more even temperature output. 
Precise mechanical structure and installing rollers to the machine 
Blanket can be separated from oil tank easily 
Except for these features, it is multi-functional oil thermal transfer machine, suitable for both thermal transferring on fabrics and low temperature transferring on cotton materials with high quality oil heating system.

About its application, this machine can support piece to piece, piece to roll and roll to roll. such as, Backing color logo, photo image or picture on products with flat, such as t-shirt, cloth, curtain, etc. Surface for advertising banner/flags, gift products, so it is a perfect choice for fabric and clothing printing. 
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