Further Knowledge of Italy formula J-TECK Sublimation ink

J-TECK dye sublimation ink is an ink work with Epson Piezo, DX-5/4/7 etc print head technology. Major J-Teck Labsprinter brands with this technology include Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, and D.Gen. Increased velocity print heads with even greater precision have been developed in recent years by Epson. J-Teck inks are also compatible with these newer print heads.High volume print heads made by Ricoh and Kyocera are compatible with J-Teck inks.As the printers advance to accommodate faster, larger production, our inks advance to meet the demands of these printers.

The use of plastic materials, such as polyamide, depending on the type of material and its chemical structure, the transfer temperature will be different. For example, J-TECK ink for the production of snowboard plastic plate, transfer temperature of 170-180 ℃, 90 / 120s.
Innovative nanobot technology
Bright colors
Good shelf life
Fluency is good
After the transfer of good imaging

High color fastness. 
Top tips: 
We recommend that you should test before printing and set up the actual operating environment in order to achieve the desired transfer result. 
Shake the ink well before use, and follow the instructions on the label and product safety data sheet. 

In addition, the expression of ink varies with the nozzle, sublimation paper and the final use of polyester fabrics.
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