Introduction about new generation Epson SC T-series printer

New Epson SureColor® T-Series, Developed using the latest advancements in performance imaging, like our exotic EPSON PrecisionCore™ TFP® print head, EPSON REALOID image processing hardware, and our breakthrough pigment ink technology – EPSON UltraChrome® XD – the all-new SureColor T-Series could be the way you’ll print your next big idea., wider rolls or both. Granted, they come with commensurate increases in price.

About Epson T-series printers' features, we conclude as below,
  • High quality and efficiency Ease of use
Epson Corporation has always been the spirit of the engineering technology market for the development of a generation of large-format engineering plotter, with its breakthrough many new features, designed for the engineering field tailored to meet the user's speed, quality, stability, cost Such as the pursuit of performance indicators.
  • Wide application
Apply to the geographic information image map, graphic / POP newspaper / blue paper proofing, engineering line drawing, engineering rendering map, and so on a variety of image printing.
  • High-speed high-precision output
Equipped with Epson PrecisionCoreTM TFP micro-piezo nozzle, because it has a higher jet frequency, with more high-speed car drive motor, in the same print accuracy settings, the speed increase of 30%. T Series plotters have the fastest 28 seconds / A1 format output speed to meet the engineering field of the output efficiency requirements.

  • Pigment ink
Epson "live color XD" pigment ink is Epson research and development of pigment ink, wide color gamut, prints excellent preservation.
  • Improve the processing capacity of the print file
Reserved hard disk interface, if the user needs, you can always connect a dedicated 320GB large capacity hard drive options to improve the processing capacity of the entire system print files.
  • Optional Adobe PostScript card
Optional Adobe PostScript card (including 320G hard drive), and engineering standards to achieve seamless docking.
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