The advantages for Epson new generation P-series printer

Epson Surecolor P-series printer is specialized in printing the highest quality photography, fine art, proofing, and graphic design with production photographic printing. Designed for general purpose graphics and photographic applications, they incorporate our latest imaging technologies.
Of the new printers, the SureColor (SC) P6000 and P7000 are the smaller models (both have a maximum print width of 24"), while the SC P8000 and P9000 are the larger models (both have a 44" width limit in printing). Using roll paper, there is essentially no limit in length. The P6000 and P8000 are 8-color ink printers while the P7000 and P9000 are both 10-color ink printers.
All four models are designed to have smaller footprints, ease access (you don't have to get to the back of the printers to change paper rolls or feed cut sheets), and provide nearly straight-through paper paths, to facilitate handling heavy-gauge sheets up to 1.5mm thick.
The P6000 and P7000 models have the same dimensions (53.4" (W) x 26.3" (D) x 48" (H), 187 lb.) as do the P8000 and P9000 (73.4" (W) x 26.3" (D) x 48" (H), 256 lb.).
The P6000 and P8000 use Epson's current UltraChrome HD inks while the P7000 and P9000 use Epson's new UltraChrome HDX ink.
The P6000 and P8000 printers are 8 color printers and are best for graphic designers, commercial printers and photographers, while the P7000 and P9000 have a 10-color ink set and in addition to the afore-mentioned, one can also add fine-art reproduction houses to the list of users.
All inks come in 125 ml, 350ml, and 700 ml sized cartridge capacities. (You don't want to leave inkjet ink sitting unused in cartridges for too long; you should determine the size of the cartridges based on your usage. Epson doubtless has a specific recommendation for their products, but we'd say in general that it's a good idea to cycle inkjet ink through within a 6-month time frame.)

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