The development history of dye sublimation ink

Sublimation ink (also known as thermal transfer ink) is the low-energy, easy sublimation of the disperse dye into digital printing ink, print on the transfer paper, by heating, in the shortest possible time to the image produced into fine porcelain , Metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials, is very suitable for personalized development of the market needs and environmental requirements.
The first generation of digital sublimation ink by the United States sawgrass company in the late nineties to develop and apply for patents, mainly for Epson and other piezoelectric printers. Then Dupont, BASF, Sensient, Ciba and other companies are aware of the huge business opportunities, and soon introduced similar products. Sawgrass then patent protection, in the United States market monopoly of the sublimation ink sales. At the same time Dupont, BASF, Ciba, Sensient and other companies slowly fade out sublimation ink market. As sawgrass has a patent monopoly, resulting in Europe and the United States market price of sublimation ink expensive. As the Korean sublimation ink is not subject to the patent restrictions, so the price is relatively cheap.
To get good results, the combined effect of the machine, software, transfer paper, ink, transfer conditions, and transfer material is required. In this regard, the United States sawgrass company is investing most R & D expenses related products development company. But its products are expensive, so only in Europe and the United States market (the market price of about 200-300USD / liter), the product quality is very high. If only from the ink quality to compare, Sawgrass ink is the most stable, can basically meet the 2-year warranty requirements. South Korea ink color reduction has some problems, but the overall quality is still superior to the vast majority of domestic ink in mainland China basically only sublimation ink can be compared with the basic segment does not block the ink phenomenon.
At present the Chinese market popular sublimation ink is mainly South Korea INKTEC company and Italy KIIAN, J-TECK sublimation ink, local sublimation ink. From the price point of view, the Chinese ink ink factory is relatively cheap, South Korea ink Second, the Italian ink is more expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed.
Sublimation ink application development trend is the industrialization, popularization, wide range. But the ink requirements are also higher. At present, domestic sublimation ink market is mainly desktop printing and other small amount of applications, but in Europe and the United States, especially in recent years, sublimation ink has been applied to the field of industrial production, so the thermal transfer market is developing rapidly 30% of the rate of growth.
China's quality of sublimation ink production, the introduction of core research and development technology, the company is the main research and development equipment, production equipment and raw materials are imported from Germany, China is quietly leading inkjet inkjet printing applications and the overall solution provider. Now the production of thermal transfer ink and South Korea INKTEC companies in the quality par. One of the most prominent is a low-calorie ink thermal transfer water-based dye ink.
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