How Epson SC F-series inkjet printers promote textile printing?

Textile digital printing innovative technology elements combined to fashion the design and delicate display, the success of leading high fashion clothing brand and digital printing integration of the new trend, leading the design and production of high-end clothing brand into a new high.

High fashion clothing brand emphasizes high-end, small minority, often differentiated from the public in the design of clothing, design more bold and bold, highlighting the brand personality, pattern quality requirements reached the highest standards of the apparel industry does not allow a little flaw.
By Epson F series digital printer printed high-precision clothing patterns
In terms of color, high-end clothing brand more stringent requirements, finished products and design to achieve the same. Traditional printing process is very difficult to print more than 10 sets of chromatic color, and Epson micro jet printing TM technology used in the "live color DS" thermal transfer ink has a wide color gamut, fully meet the rich and colorful color printing needs. Color fastness and safety have also been recognized by professional evaluation agencies, with the State Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center issued a certificate of detection, and the industry's highest standards of Oeko-TexStandard100 first-class certification, color fastness and safety are far Super - ordinary printing and dyeing process.
In addition, the Epson micro jet printing TM process in the whole printing process without any waste liquid color paste emissions, very green, in line with the high-end clothing brand exquisite, delicate, typical creative attitude. At the same time, Epson micro jet printing TM process has a strong flexibility, you can really without any restrictions, to achieve low-volume production of clothing to help high-end clothing brand to find more suited to their own production needs personalized printing.
High-end clothing brand may have a bold design, perhaps has a minimalist public atmosphere, but the only constant is its high-end technology, Epson micro jet printing TM process and Epson F-series ink cartridge type professional digital printing machine, can truly Beautiful and outstanding color expression and high-quality pattern display. I believe in its help, high-end clothing brand innovation path will be farther and farther.
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