Which colors for usually used Inktec sublinova ink?

InkTec Sublinova Sublimation ink is divided into two kinds: one kind is the four colors, the other kind is six colors.

Theoretically, as long as with the three primary colors can synthesize into any one color (that is to say, any kind of color is synthesized from three primary colors, color TV is to use three color gun to synthesize into a variety of colorful images). So four color printers and six color printer can print out all sorts of color, rather than say four color printers can play four kinds of color, 6 color printer can only play six colors. But the color of the ink cartridge is much, high precision, so in general, six color printer print quality better than the four color printer. However, this also is not absolute, there are other factors affecting the quality of printing. Such as a variety of color, four color three or six color printer class, print quality is different, the quality index of the separated depends on the printer. Specific to choose the printer according to your print quality requirements to determine.
InkTec Sublimation ink color can be K, C, Y, M, or K, C, Y, M, LC, LM.
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