Light weight 57gsm sublimation paper for catering to inkjet printing market's demanding

To meet the market development, Fei Yue Paper Inc. developed a unique low weight print medium (57/58gsm Sublimation Transfer paper), dedicated to the latest high-speed digital inkjet printers. This kind of  paper can help eliminates head strikes, to reduce the consumption of ink with with fine detailed definition and color gradient transition will be smoother during printing. Currently compatible printer include: Mimaki, MS, Reggiani, DGI, and d.gen.
Different from High weight sublimation paper, 57gsm sublimation paper doesn't have deep coating layer, so its ink absorbed capacity isn't good than high weight, but our this 57gsm light coated sublimation paper is fast dry and anti-curled, so don't worried about it can damage you print heads.
The second difference between low weight and high weight sublimation paper is its application, usually, low weight sublimation paper is jumbo roll rather than small roll, considering its relative low price and cost-effective, this type sublimation paper is usually used for industry large quantities of textile printing, such as for banners, garments, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

Talking about its advantages, 
  • Significantly reduced transfer times and/or temperatures.
  • Designed to save time and money in industrial production processes.
  • Excellent drying, even at 250% ink limit.
  • Max. resolution: 720x720 dpi, bidirectional
sublimation paper for fashion apparels
Therefore, 57gsm light weight sublimation paper is the product which catering to the step of sublimation printing development.
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