Notices for how to use rotary heat transfer calendar

Roller-type sublimation thermal transfer printing equipment, the use of heat-conducting oil layer surrounding electric heating diversion of the principles of design and manufacture of heating, the cylinder surface temperature balanced and stable blanket with out of the mechanical structure, with three-phase frequency control devices, machine operation, easy maintenance, transfer to achieve the best and widely used in digital printing industry at home and abroad.
Roll to roll transfer printing (Rotary sublimation transfer machine)

Volume transfer process affect the quality of the more factors, but also need to master skills.
1. Transfer speed and temperature to adjust the appropriate roller temperature, the temperature reaches the set temperature to wait for the temperature fluctuation up and down three times, the temperature is stable and then transfer operation.
2. Depending on the weight or stiffness of the paper, fine-tune the pressure between the blanket and the heated roller.
3. To maintain the transfer paper and fabric tension around the same degree of stability and stability of the appropriate tension.
4. Before the batch transfer, please do the transfer sample, to determine the impact of color temperature and speed are appropriate.
5. Before the transfer, but also on the transfer paper pattern surface and fabric for blowing finishing, remove paper, cilia and other attachments, to avoid these debris caught between the transfer paper and fabric caused by printing defects.

6. To ensure that the transfer paper drying, water transfer paper will be large in the sublimation process generates a lot of water vapor, making transfer paper softening loss of stiffness, resulting in ramp and water ripple and other failures.
7. Transfer the front of the paper and fabric can be cut into inverted V-shaped to the middle of the first to go, you can also use a larger than the width of the transfer paper cardboard guide front, making the whole surface can be synchronized smoothly into the transfer machine So as to avoid wrinkling and wrinkling during transfer.
8. Transfer process, to achieve rapid separation of paper to prevent re-contact with the paper caused by secondary sublimation transfer and ghosting.
9. Transfer process to pay attention to safe operation, is strictly prohibited close to the hot roller, pay attention to avoid high-temperature burns.
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