Buy or not to buy Epson genuine ink for your Epson printer?

Consumers who wanted to save on their expenses usually go for cheaper products that still have the same quality as the original products. The same thing goes for the Epson ink that you use for your Epson printers. It is still best to buy original ink but you should be prepared to pay higher amount for it.
Still torn between to buy or not to buy compatible ink for Epson? First, you should know what compatible ink are. For Epson printers, Compatible ink is that replacing Epson original ink, using other brand ink with compatible ink chip for Epson printer but with a lower price.
There are several advantages that you might get whenever you buy compatible ink. One of this is the cost, which is always lower than the original ones. When you use recycled Epson ink cartridges, you can save from 20 to 40% of the cost. Another advantage is that you are helping the environment because you are using recycled products. Instead of throwing the cartridge, you re-use it for a longer period of time.

For its advantages,i have concluded as below:
1. With high quality raw material and perfect pellet, never jam the nozzle, suitable for continues printing
2. EPSON sublimation ink pack is made according to the special environmental formulation, never damage the nozzle.
3. Proper drying rate to avoid seepage on the paper, with high compatibility and high weather resistance, meet the needs of high quality.
4. Guarantee maximum color gamut and photo-realistic printout.
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