Main principles in using 77gsm sublimation paper

77gsm light-weight sublimation paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial textile printing. Transfer times and/or temperatures can be reduced significantly and still achieve the same vibrant colors.

Main principles we should know: 
Disperse Dyes sublimation method is sublimation properties, having a molecular weight of 250 to 400, a particle diameter of 0.2 to 2 microns and disperse water-soluble carrier (e.g. sodium alginate) or alcohol carrier (e.g., ethyl cellulose), oil soluble resin ink, in 200 ~ 230 ° C on transfer printing machine processing 20 to 30 seconds to move to disperse polyester and other synthetic fibers and fixation.

Sublimation thermal transfer method generally go through three processes: before the transfer takes place, are all dye paper printed film, printed fabrics dye concentration is zero and the air gap, the size of the air gap depends on the fabric structure , yarn and transfer pressure; in the transfer process, when the paper reached the transition temperature, evaporation or sublimation dyes began, and between the paper and the concentration of volatile fibers which, when printed fabrics to achieve transition temperature of the fiber surface began the dye adsorption, until it reaches a certain saturation value. Since the dye transfer from paper to fiber is ongoing, the adsorption rate is determined by the dye diffusion rate inside the fibers. To make the dye can be directed diffusion, often at the end of the dyed polar lower side of the vacuum, so that the dye reaches directional diffusion transfer; after the transfer process, after the dyed colored dye content paper down part of the remaining dye migrated to internal paper, the amount of residual dye depends on the thickness of the vapor pressure of dyes, dye transfer paper pulp or affinity and printing film.
Sublimation law generally does not require wet processing, can save energy and reduce the load on sewage treatment. 
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