What's the advantages of low weight 75gsm sublimation paper for textile printing?

The light-weight sublimation paper is designed to save time and money by increasing process efficiency in industrial textile printing. Transfer times and/or temperatures can be reduced significantly and still achieve the same vibrant colors, any SKYIMAGE® product is outstanding, especially suited for industrial printers(e.g. MS Italy, DGI, Mimaki TS500 and Reggiani printers).

Among these low weight sublimation transfer paper, 75gsm/70gsm sublimation paper quality is quite steady. let's see its features as below:

  • Ultra-fast ink absorption and fast dry.
  • Excellent run ability and outstanding efficiency.
  • Enhanced color release and densities.

If you want to test its quality, please keep your workshop temperature 78.8℉ / 26℃ Humidity: 40-60% (not more than 60%)., suggesting Ink-load: 300%, Transfer Temperature: 200-230℃, Transfer Time: 20-30 seconds.
About storage:
In order to protect unused sublimation paper, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 68°F -82°F( 20°C -28°C) and 40-60% RH.
About printing:
Image side is wound to the outside of the paper. Printing is performed in ″mirror″ image. Allow the printing ink to dry before transferring.

Of course for its application, we can see sublimation printing with this paper at every corner of our daily life.
1.Printing on polyester and polymmid(Lycra, Nylon)fabrics used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.
2.Printing on mixed synthetic fabrics(min 60% of synthetic fibers) used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.
3.Printing on plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as ski, snowboard, skateboard, windsurf, etc
4.Printing on every substrates (wood, ceramics, glass) overprinted with polyester-based or polyammid-based coatings.
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