What differences between KIIAN dye sublimation ink and Chinese sublimation ink?

Kiian Digital is the de-facto standard when it comes to sublimation transfer ink formulations. But Kiian Digital is more: it can deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. Sublimation, disperse direct and pigment inks for digital textile printing. All water based. All are reliable and sustainable.
KIIAN dye sublimation transfer ink is great famous ink brand in digital printing world, and it's very popular and hot-selling. in china, we also have some brands dye sublimation ink, but they cannot keep step with Kiian, J-teck, Inktec, etc, why? and what differences between them?

1, Color: domestic ink no Italian KIIAN, J-TECK seven generations head is thermal transfer ink color, especially black, gray or reddish.After transfer printing color is less bright than imported ink.
2, Fluency: most of the domestic ink is easy to plug, it is because the ink particles is bigger, easy to plug nozzle.
3, Resolution: with the same types of printers, respectively in China imported ink and ink to print the same pattern, put together two figure transfer printing on the glass, you'll find that domestic transfer printing ink pattern is not so clear, color transition of color is not so clear.

chromatic range, extraordinary intensity and trendy “Soft Mood”;
General fastness:
itself at the maximum level of the chemical nature of the sublimation ink;
Good image quality:
Coming from selected raw materials, which lets even the most difficult graphics be reproducible.

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