J-TECK dispersed water-based ink for digital inkjet printing on fabric

J-Teck inks are dispersed dyes within an Eco-friendly liquid carrier that are printed onto paper. The dispersed dyes are transferred from the paper to a textile creating a vibrant image. J-Teck's ink formula has made it possible for the dyes to run through high speed print heads without clogging. Sublimation inks have a wide variety of applications, from sports-wear to plastic substrates.
Firstly, let's know J-TECK ink further, J-teck ink Fei Yue Paper Inc. promotes is a kind of water-based ink, different from pure sublimation ink, not only does it can be used for printing sublimation heat transfer printing, but also it can be applied for direct to garment inkjet printing.
• TRANSFER PRINTING: the printed paper must be transferred hot, through calendar or press, at a temperature between 200-210°C during a varying time, between 60-30 seconds.
• DIRECT PRINTING: this application requires “direct” printing onto the fabric,followed by a color drying and fixing (through heat press or calendar) at a temperature between 190-210°C during a varying time between 60-30 seconds. Direct printing allows to achieve a better penetration of the ink during the heat fixing process.
• It is recommended to keep the product away from light and heat sources at a temperature lower than 25°C.

Secondly, J-teck ink has a detailed classification for its usage,J-Teck ink has many series ink codes, especially for J-Teck J-NEXT series and J-CUBE series, these two series are mainly suitable for different print heads.
For example, J-Teck inks work with Epson Piezo print head technology. Major J-Teck Labs printer brands with this technology include Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, and D.Gen.
Increased velocity print heads with even greater precision have been developed in recent years by Epson. J-Teck inks are also compatible with these newer print heads.
High volume print heads made by Ricoh and Kyocera are compatible with J-Teck inks.
As the printers advance to accommodate faster, larger production, J-Teck inks advance to meet the demands of these printers.
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