What should we pay more attention when heat transfer image onto sublimation paper?

Talking about the methods for heat transfer of sublimation transfer paper, i have concluded that fabric transfer is divided into pieces of transfer and transfer of textile rolls.

Slicing transfer printing(usually use flat dye-sublimation transfer machine)
1. Please do a batch transfer before the transfer sample, to determine the impact of the color of the transfer machine temperature and time is appropriate.
2. Pieces before transfer, to ensure that the basic transfer paper dry, so as not to appear incomplete transfer, stains and so on.
3. Before the transfer, but also on the inkjet transfer paper patterns and fabrics for blowing finishing, removal of fabric and transfer paper on paper, cilia and other attachments, so that these debris caught between the transfer paper and fabric caused by printing defects .

4. Ghosting is often due to pressure plate separation speed too fast, the upper plate air adsorption adsorption transfer paper caused by small throttle at this time should be flat heat transfer machine cylinder (or cylinder) to slow down the speed, to avoid the transfer The printed transfer paper is picked up after the fall caused by the second sublimation transfer and ghosting. Avoid ghosting can also be dipped in water on the four corners of the transfer paper sticky cloth or sticky dye-sublimation transfer printing paper.
5. As the backing material (cotton, sponge, cardboard, etc.) in the absorption of moisture in the accumulation of ink will lead to excessive moisture transfer, so that the color pattern on the transfer cloth fades, local aerosol watermarks , So in the pre-transfer and transfer process to be a few hot air pressure, the padded cotton on the evaporation of moisture, if conditions can be timely replacement of dry cushion material to avoid this from happening.

6. Before and after the transfer to confirm the fabric of the front and back, many textiles on both sides of the material is not the same and the color is not clear, such as sportswear made of polyester / cotton / umbrella do polyester / nylon, if you mistake the transfer paper Covering the side of the cotton or nylon, after transfer will find a lighter color and a wash on the swap, and check the transfer machine, transfer paper, ink, etc. can not find the reason why, when the brains may wish to check the fabric Positive and negative.
7. Plate transfer process to pay attention to safe operation, is strictly prohibited hand into the hot plate, the attention to avoid high-temperature burns.
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