What should 88gsm thermal transfer pay attention in use?

88gsm Sublimation paper: used for pure cotton fabrics, glass porcelain and so on, must be used with the sublimation ink, the principle is the printer will play to the sublimation paper pattern image, and then also use heat transfer machine with high temperature to sublimation transfer printing ink on the fabric or on the glass with a coating, ink composition permeates the fabrics and coating, with the hand touch no touch! But pure cotton fabrics don't adsorption color.

Indoor Condition in Printing Room or Workshop:
Humidity: 40-60% (not more than 60%)
Temperature: 78.8℉ / 26℃
Testing Condition:
Ink-load: 340%
Transfer Temperature: 200-230℃
Transfer Time: 20-30 seconds
Noticed the temperature factor, stress is also a factor that cannot be ignored. In the process of use, you must keep the whole design of the machine to receive strength evenly in various places. Second, the pressure is too high not too low. Pressure is too high, the 88gsm thermal transfer paper on the pattern will be distorted, too low, there is no way to good transfer the pattern to surfaces. In use process, the temperature is a decisive factor, each machine has its appropriate temperature. Allows for the appropriate temperature around a certain fluctuation, but if the gap is too big, will greatly affect the final appearance of the product. The temperature is too low, then there was no way to complete pattern on the membranes of the sublimation transfer move to items above. But not too hot, the temperature is too high, thermal transfer paper on the pattern will be distorted, as well as influence the final effect.
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